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Google Analytics Real-TimeAfter a 2 month hiatus from having a new baby girl in my life its back to it. Lots of new things are being released so I think its time to discuss the new Google Analytics Real-Time dashboard! Google Analytics real-time reporting is a new dashboard that allows you to see real-time activity across an unfiltered Google analytics profile. This dashboard feature is currently in beta like most new services that Google launches. There are some really great benefits for using Real-time reporting even if it is very limited without filtering. For a high level view of your web traffic you cannot go wrong.

If you like to monitor the buzz of your brand around the web with Radian6, then you will like how you can see your current traffic and what they are browsing on your site at any given moment.

How to Effectively Use GA Real-Time Reporting – What You Need to Know!

Quick rundown of important factors

  • It is only available on UNFILTERED profiles. You cannot see it unless the profile has ZERO filters.
  • Only available within the NEW Google Analytics interface
  • You have 4 views available: Overview, Content, Location, and Traffic Sources
  • You have 4 traffic channels: Direct, Referral, Organic, and Campaign

Quick rundown of how to use it strategically

  • Monitor campaigns that will drive large amounts of traffic
  • This is Web Traffic Monitoring (WTM), Kiosk it like you would with Radian6. This is not social media this is your website the pinnacle of your online brand and business
  • Monitor major press releases that are featured publically. Make sure your PR is tagged if you have static content.
  • Monitor any marketing that you plan will drive traffic within an hour of going live
  • Monitor website problems. Did you traffic all of a sudden drop substantially?
  • Monitor all your landing pages. I use this on an Eloqua dedicated account to monitor quick engagement

How to implement a Real-Time Dashboards

  • Create a new profile within an account. Few reasons why: Kiosk mode And user access
  • Do not add any filters just use the domain for the account your creating a profile for and save it
  • Click on Home to the left of Standard Reporting. In the left side navigation you will see “Real-Time (Beta)” this is where your new dashboard for traffic monitoring lives

At the time of this writing Real-Time is in beta and is not available to everyone.

Overview of Reports Currently Available
Google Analytics Real-Time Active Visitors


  • Top Referrers, Top locations, Top Active Pages, and Top Keywords


  • Just a really cool animated map and list countries where your traffic is originating

Traffic Sources


  • Pages being visited – this report focuses on the Page URL for reporting

Q: What Does the Future Hold for Real-Time (Google) Analytics?

A: my honest opinion seeing how Google recently released an enterprise subscription for analytics which costs $150k a year. They need to make this into more of an enterprise app. Data is one thing, but large companies also have other challenges. Including huge CRM systems and marketing platforms. They want integrations and data feeds. They want accountability and transparency. Companies do not want to be vendor locked or have impossible roles that need to be filled. I think Real-time analytics is the first of many features we will see in the next coming year. By Q3 2012 I would not be surprised to see Real-Time analytics be available to the enterprise level account with filtering and fully scalable.

Today this feature is really interesting it is opening the door to better things with digital analytics industry. What will happen when Google has caught up to Adobe SiteCatalyst and Webtrends. You can expect a freemium model to finally appear for digital analytics and enterprise solutions. Cloud technology can enable most SAAS platforms to become free and still offer the technology of add-ons for paid subscriptions.

I can almost in vision a Google Marketing Suite in the next few years. Google doesn’t want third party apps managing Google+, there is a business reason behind this… what is it? Hopefully we will find out when they release Google+ for businesses.