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Looking Back at a Social Bookmarking Giant

When I look back into my social sites a once very popular service always catches my eye. was always a favorite of mine. My old profile speaks as history of some of the project and interests I had over a few years. Sites like this filled a void at one time. They helped you have all your bookmarks in one place and they were shareable. Now in 2013 this void no longer exists for the majority of us. This feature is built into all of the major browsers by default. Sharing is done through social likes and recommendations. I guess Yahoo caught onto this fact when they decided to sell it off a few years ago.

The Quick Win SEO Strategy

About 5 years ago having any links were amazing for buffing your ranking in Google. Things like have ruined any meaning of social links without any engagement. I was a big user of for reselling links and building content marketing campaigns that were very effective at the time. I payed someone $5 on Fiverr to open all the accounts and add them all to OnlyWire, then I would use it to post to all 48 network over the course of an hour. I then had 20 twitter account with that had 10k followers that were all on automation to retweet and mention the posts but were not connected or following each other. By included a devious a keyword strategy I could rank almost anyone in the top 10 with a couple weeks.

Time Have Changed for Anything Cheap and Easy

Its 2013 things have come along way for the better. When you can hack a winning strategy out of the air with social media or any media that influences other channels, the influenced channels are not built properly. Social links farms like Delicious are good if you want to keep something separate but accessible from your browser based links. Maybe use them for your work or education links, but as a marketing strategy your absolutely crazy to waste your time.