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Every website owner usually has a lot on his mind about how he can grow his site and get new visitors daily. The thousands of dollars spent yearly or monthly on advertising and marketing your site. To be stuck in a plateau of small daily traffic and low conversions. When the whole time there was a small problem and you had no idea since everything looks good on the outside. Do you want to know why Google Still doesn’t give you the love and respect you deserve? Just how many people in the social online world are showing interest in you?

These 3 tools I am going to point out will make your life easier and make your site more effective. Best of all they are free.

The point of all of this is these problems can be easily discovered before they become a problem with 3 free successful web tools.

Google Webmaster Tools

GWT is a 1 stop shop for how Google looks and what it indexes on your site. It takes 2min to setup and has unbelievable information. There is so much you can actually use with this tool it is well beyond the scope of this article. I plan on writing an indepth guide on another date.

For a brief overview this set of reports of information shows you, your sites top keywords that you are listed in SERPs. Error codes for your pages if there are any. I once had a client who had a problem his site was doing great but was not listed in Google. After some investigating I learned his server was generating a server error even though his pages displayed. This caused Google to block his pages from being displayed in SERPs. Problem was solved and within a few weeks they were listed.

As you can see how important it is from my story to have this tool setup with your site. You just never know when something will happen until it does and being prepared is half the battle.

HubSpot Website Grader

To give you a brief background of HubSpot, they are a marketing company in Cambridge, ma. It was started by a few MIT grads. All the software is made in house and belongs to them. What you need to watch out for is for every URL you put in this tool it records the address and gives their sales team a potential lead.

Aside from that this tool really rocks for showing you important info about your site. From meta data to social bookmarking links. This tool can be very important for measuring success and parts of your strategy that needs more attention.

I really don’t take much interest in the world rankings but just getting the good overview of how many links there are around the social communities and blogosphere and others. These are good metrics to track because they tell you just how interested people are in your work or knowledge. Maybe your content just is not unique enough. I know starting out my content is about the same as 100k other sites but it was something to start with so I am happy.

Google Website Optimizer

Yes this post is a double dose of Google utilities. Nothing you can do, Google is just that good. The GWO as I call it helps you test different content on your site and measures user’s interaction. This tool does require a little work but will help you optimize your site effectively. Do you think a new banner will help keep visitors staying longer on your site? This tool will help you measure jus that and more.

Straight from Google themselves “Website Optimizer is a tool that can help you improve the effectiveness of your website in getting a return on your investment. By allowing you to test different versions of your site content, you can determine what will best attract users and lead them to convert on your site.”

So to breakdown these 3 tools Google Webmaster Tools lets you get into the mind of Google and the notorious Googlebot and what it thinks of your site. The Website Grader gives you a report on how your site is linked and how popular it is. Especially in the social media and link directory department. Google Website Optimizer will help you optimize your site to be more effective.

If you want a more robust set of features then the website grader you can sign up with SEOMOZ for around $50-75 a month and use their very high end tools to see just about everything you could want to know about your site. I tend to focus on the free tools but when something just rocks I have to at least mention it.

These tools you just cannot live without if you own or operate a website.