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How it Went Down

The third installment of #ACCELERATE happened this week in South Boston, at the very classy JFK Library and Museum. As expected Mr. Peterson and Co have put together a great lineup of speakers for a day packed of insights. The crowd was filled with a mix of local and visiting analytics professionals and vendors. The size of the crowd makes for a very pleasant day of engagement with others for networking and having conversations without being run over or feeling like your in the way. The best part is you can drink all the coffee you want! I spent 2.5hrs in my car for a drive that takes usually 1hr tops. The after party at Web Analytics Wednesday was one of those rare treats I always look forward too.

The Presenters and the Fire Hose of Content

The presentation model is truly great; they use a “10 tips in 20min” format. #ACCELERATE is a day’s worth of analytic tips being fired out of a machine gun. 14 speakers times 10 tips = 140 tips! However, if you eagerly want to hear more about a key point, you do get the feeling of it being short. There was very little overlap in content from speaker to speaker. Each speaker brought the own style and perspectives. I found it very easy to take their insights and transform them to fit my needs.

The focus topics included Ten Tips to..

  • Make your analyst more productive (x3)
  • Manage tag management
  • Social analytics
  • Testing and Targeting
  • Optimize your qualitative data
  • Mobile analytics
  • Dashboard best practices
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Customer experience
  • Multi-channel analytics
  • Data accuracy and integrity

Interesting Points That Made Me Think

Brandon Bunker, Sony

– “Vendors try to limit your capabilities”

John Lovett, Web Analytics Demystified

  • “If you have to explain, you’re going to lose”
  • “Good Process slows you down to consider strategic alignment”

Corry Prohens, IQ Workforce

  • “Don’t use skill gaps as requirements”
  • “Hire talent, rent skills”

Eric Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified

  • “How you say it is just as important is what you say”

Tim Musell,

  • “Give people what they need not what you want”

Tim Lingdell, The Hartford

  • “No tool is a silver bullet”

Year in Perspective

Last year, I was very fortunate be apart of the first #ACCELERATE in San Francisco as a Super Accelerator. It was a very humbling experience and my first public speaking affair.  After the year and missing out on the second #ACCELERATE it almost feels like a new show. The industry feels like its growing up so fast as the lines between digital analytics and business intelligence are starting to become blurred. The questions are no longer what’s the ROAS. They are now what is the incrementality of our channels and promotional methods and attribution models.

#ACCELERATE 2013 and Beyond

Where is it going to next.. I genuinely hope we start to see a shift from the focuses of tag management and some of the big verticals and get down and dirty with analysis and visualization. I would truly enjoy seeing some visualization strategies and best practices.

Can I Track You Maybe..

The last unveiling of the day was a parody of Call Me Maybe with a huge analytics twist. Great end of a long day. See you in Ohio.