3 Major Tools Every Website Owner Should Use

Jun 26, 2009 | No Comments

Every website owner usually has a lot on his mind about how he can grow his site and get new visitors daily. The thousands of dollars spent yearly or monthly on advertising and marketing your site. To be stuck in a plateau of small daily traffic and low conversions. When the whole time there was a small problem and you had no idea since everything looks good on the outside. Do you want to know why Google Still doesn’t give you the love and respect you deserve? Just how many people in the social online world are showing interest in you?

These 3 tools I am going to point out will make your life easier and make your site more effective. Best of all they are free.

Over Optimization, Too Much SEO

Jun 25, 2009 | No Comments

Are you worried you do so much SEO you could have a over optimization penalty from Google, MSN, or Yahoo? I just watched a video of Matt Cutts giving a brief answer to the question “Is over optimization bad for a website”. He answered the question very straight forward. Google does not penalize for doing […]